"A Day In The Fast Life"

A Few Clips From A Jim Jones Movie That Didn't Drop..... #Free Max B & #RIP The Big Homie Stack Bundles


Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Look @ These "Blood Niggaz

Menace Feat. Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick - Blood Niggaz

Ryan Leslie Get's Jacked?

Someone Tried 2 Pull A "50 Cent" On Him.

I Love College??

Over Food Doe? SMH! #Fail ... This Is Just Wrong.

#Pause On Cudi

Is The Cudder Really Gay? Or Was He Just Shocked By What The Dude Tried?

You Be The Judge....

"Shouts Out To Beyonce. He Was With Me"

He Randomly Picked Her From The Crowd & Let Her Rap His Famous Song "Song Cry"

Big Sean Gets The Taylor Swift Treatment.

A Short Film.

Departure From a Love from Ishmael Islam on Vimeo.

Waiting 4 Air Yeezy

Waiting for Yeezys from kwest on Vimeo.


3 Freshmen Of 2010 Freestyle

Just A Lil Skit Bout The XXL Freshmen Of 2010 Freestyles.

Lloyd Banks Talks Success

"Where Dey Do Dat At!?"

"Coldest Winter"

Kanye Knew His Fate.


(*Beat Done By Pharrell & This Ad Is Only Aired In China)

Wilsonman X Krust X All Or Nothing : Steezon 2 Mixtape

Check Out The Homie @Wilsoman (Follow Him) Doin His This On His New Mixtape.

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(*In Case That Link Dont Work Try This)---> http://www.zshare.net/download/724897930214ba1b/


6 Of The 10 Freshmen.


Big Sean.

Wiz Khalifa.

Nipsey Hussle.



Pon De Floor!

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Jay-Z Out In The UK


On To The Next 1

Skull Candy X Jay-Z Rocnation Head Phones

Reality Check.

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whats the difference between looking into the mirror and looking into the dark,
why are some ppl confortable with being poor while others fiend be rich,
life is a funny game but im playing it, some ppl try to use to the cheat codes n then realize if it wasnt for the paper the wouldve never been shit. I see life differently from every other.
IDC about much about finding love cuz its a responsibility no 21st century person can handle.
IDC about haters cuz at the end of the day i dnt like everyone so i cant expect everyone to like me.
IDC bout our black president cuz to me he's just a puppet, playin his part.
IDC bout popularity, aslong as you cant help me idc if you know me.
IDC about school cuz theres nothing theyll tell me that i care about.
IDC if the world ends in 2012 , i lived my life the best i could.
No religion, i hold a vision further than heaven's steps.
They say some things wernt meant to be, what if yu wasnt meant to be what yu wanna be,
Rethink who you, Rethink what you want in life, Rethink life.
"Autobigraphical scripts from the worlds author just listen n work harder.


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life aint easy, the reason y we think to hard
could miss the truth if you blink to hard,
see life from a different view,
imagin if yu were a different you
would happiness appear visible?
or yu still tryna find out who you are
like everyone else , my life critical
but i see the world as three dimensional,
so whatever someone show me theirs always another side,
no matter how high you are, theres always the real height,
you can feel it in your brain but does it run through you heart
think about it when yu breakin that blunt apart,
cuz after 3 hrs, youre still livin as it start
so ask yurself, are yu smart? or yu jus a piece of physical fart

Tanisha From Bad Girls Club Season 2 & Celebrity Fit Club Alleged Amateur Adult Tape Hits The Net!

Jin - 2010 Hiphop Census Freestyle

We Are The World.

N.E.R.D. Dairy.

"09 Twitter Awards"

Hosted By My Homie Jav Rabbit.

Check Around 13:25 For When @bossman718 Wins The "Woman Verbal Abuser / Mr.Dont Take Shit" Award.

"When Lines Are Crossed"

Here's A Lil 5 Min Skit Made By The Very Beautiful Va$htie Starring Her Self & Kid Cudi... Check It Out.

C.R.S. - Us Placers

I Know This Video Is Old But I Just Love Everything About It.

"Candy Lady"

New Joint From Gucci Mane's Team "Brick Squad" Called "Candy Lady"

Trey Songz Interview

Wacka Flocka Speaks On Robbery

"Come Back"

New French Montana.

Juelz Santana - I Wanna Rock freestyle

Ed Lover - C'mon Son ep.10

The life n time of a nigga smackedd X @Chrissswag

just found sum old photos of me lookin half deadd smackedd...............
this was at a death house partyy lol ............ we had fun tho, i got the videos
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this was at chellz n emoney's housee for chell'z bday .....
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this one was on the train commin from Jedi P's house partyy smackeddd
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Lil Wayne Writes Drakes Verse's?!?

Listen Real Good 2 Drakes Verse On "Money 2 Blow"

Now Listen 2 This...

So From What We Have Notice Lil Wayne Seems 2 Have Said Drake's Verse 2 "Money 2 Blow" Around October 08.... Hmmm Makes You Wonder If Anyone Else In Young Money Used Wayne's Lines.


The Grammy's