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"hey im william wilson i was born on june 28 1989 i rap skate and design but when it come to rap im no joke i have been rapping since i was 6 but i been taking it seriously since 2003 the year after my father passed away but as of late i pushed skating aside to presue my dreams of rapping even thought my skating has landed me a spot on mtv my rapping has grown in popularity over the last few months gaining 4000 plays and my first show selling out so thats basically it i hope u like my music."- Willsonman

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Here's His First Mixtape Labeled "All Or Nothing"

Download "Not Another Mixtape" 2 Here --> Not Another Mixtape.

Contacts Him?
E-mail - aprelnyc@yahoo.com
Twitter - http://twitter.com/wilsonman
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/beastny
YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/illwill180


Here Are 2 Single's Off His Up Coming Mixtape " Haze & Good Grades"

“Get me while I’m cold, cause when I’m hot you won’t be able to get me more” is a common slogan said by Siiphu. Growing up in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn siiphu said "I grew up around a family who take this certain liking to music, it didn’t come around to me til about age 16 theN is where I sat down and actually wrote a rap lol” handsome, hard working, humorous & humble are four words that best describe this young talented artist. Pc which is short for a number of things, such as prince charm, the project celebrity, and the people’s choice. The people’s choice is also the name of his mixtape which was recently released online for download & I must say it’s a “must download”. With songs such as “kush is my cologne”, “leanin leanin” and “wherever I go”, I would say times are of the essence. Pc has performed in places like high school fund raiders, talent shows, clubs & the funk master flex car show 07 and in 08 where he and @1donjunior came to winning, unfortunately Koch wanted female artists. Taking that loss wasn’t a walk in the park & led him to as he says “slaving in the booth” and Lookout for him on a stage near you. - Sii

A young man so innovative and determined as siiphu def has a bright future ahead, and with the direction he is going i see alot of greatness coming.

Here's His 1st Mixtape Titled "

 The People's Choice " <-(Download Here & Listen Below.)

Contact Him?
Email - LiveLovePC@Gmail.com or AprelNYC@yahoo.com
Twitter - @SelfMadeSii

MySpace - myspace.com/therealpc
YouTube - www.youtube.com/selfmadesii